Our Focus

Fun and Replayable Games for all


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Compensation Social

Compenstion Social is a virtual-reality social multiplayer game, focusing on fun activities with a lot of social features. If you want even more, you can make it with our creation tools!


Relay is a narrative story game set in the same universe as Compensation Social. You play as June Anderson, a researcher on The Relay Project.


You're a computer program trying to save the servers of BYTEWARE from the rogue AI known as BYTE.

Compensation API

A social API built for the modern era, with support for all the matchmaking and room creation features we could need.
Completely free & open source.

Complete UGC Ecosystem

Our scratch-built UGC ecosystem allows players to create almost anything they could make in a game engine, from within the comfort of their VR headset.

Always looking to improve

We constantly listen to our players for suggestions, feedback, and bug reports.
We even built a custom system that lets them report bugs without any manual intervention!


Transparency is one of the primary reasons we founded Subsurface in the first place, and we intend to keep it as a core part of our values.
We stream development often and we even made a series explaining the inner workings of our API!