Relay is a narrative story game set in the close future. You are a researcher for Leviathan Corporation (also the owner of Post Vigor), working on The Relay Project.


You play Relay as June Anderson, a researcher for Leviathan Corporation's Relay Project. You have been with Leviathan Corporation for many years, giving you the access needed to resolve nearly any issue you encounter.


The primary goal of The Relay Project is teleporation. Unfortunately, during the first test, cascading infrastructure failures throughout the facility force you to stop and resolve them before continuing.

What about the art style?

If you're worried about the Subsurface Studios art style disappearing, don't be. We're maintaining nearly the same art style on Relay as Compensation Social, with a few freshened up textures and the same stylized look and feel.

When does it release?

We're aiming for a release around mid-2024, but we can't make any guarantees just yet. We're focusing heavily on the quality of this game before release, especially compared to Compensation Social.

With that said, if you have any questions, please make sure to join our Discord!